Marie Destot & Marilia Destot

Two photographers from France and Brooklyn respectively are taking part in today’s ‘The Swap’ by the name of Marie Destot and Marilia Destot

Marilia wrote about her experience “Making a swap with my mum who used to be an amateur photographer and initiated me to photography i was her model when i was a child, and spent a lot of time with her in the dark room as well. Now i am the photographer  ( thank to her) , she’s a clothes designer, and i recently started a portrait project with her called “mum and me” i’m gonna develop in the next years, in which she’s now posing for and with me. When she visited last april, i proposed her to make a special session together for “the swap”. We’re posing together but we take turns with the remote and then each of us decide of the moment and somehow takes its own picture. I don’t remember exactly who took what actually, i guess from arm positions that my mum took the one with eyes closed, and me the one with eyes open, though it doesn’t really matter to me. We liked the idea of symmetry and reversed clothes and eyes position,  evoking the mirror idea of this swap, the reflection of time passing and exchanging roles = the photographer becomes the model and vice versa. Of course this double portrait explores the heritance and the photography transmission between us. The choice of graphic and reversed black and white clothes is also an allusion to the darkroom hours we shared, fascinated by the blank image revealing itself from negative to positive, from invisible to fully revealed.”